Loot from the Dragonkin Caves

Not including the necklace of fireballs that’s already been identified (and used), this is the list of remaining valuable stuff you pull of the bodies of the dragonkin. Those in the first set (marked with an *) are all magical, and everything is, of course, sized for large creatures.

*a slender stick of carved birch
*a necklace of brass, with three beads threaded through it (this looks similar to the necklace of fireballs you’ve already identified)
*three green scaled cloaks
*a scarlet scaled cloak
*two blue scaled cloaks
*roll of parchment with strange writings
*a greatsword crafted of some strange bronze like material
*a breastplate suit with dozens of dragon symbols
*three small vials

a massive, expertly crafted composite longbow with 20 equally enormous arrows
2 masterwork longspears
3 masterwork spears
two hard pulled composite shortbows with 36 arrows
four suits of studded leather armor

assembled coin totalling
118 pp
856 gp
393 sp
313 cp

and 6 small carved jade dragons


Earthenhammer Earthenhammer

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