Baroness Marlae Roesone


Female Human


Marlae Roesone is the Baroness of Roesone and the great-granddaughter of the Black Baron, Daen Roesone. She is the daughter of Teried Roesone and Misoele Tuor. Her brother is Daenal Roesone.
Marlae grew up hearing how her grandfather, Morghan Roesone, may have slain Daen Roesone, his own father and founder of the Barony of Roesone. She shares more than a few of Morghan’s traits, but her nature is tempered by a touch of compassion and mercy. Though a stern ruler, the baroness knows what the people need. Her fair yet unyielding justice applies equally to both commoner and noble. Her people have yet to feel any great love for her, but so far they have not shown any rebellious inclinations and appear willing to grant her a chance to prove herself.
Dark in appearance and mood, Marlae resembles her ancestors, tall with an unruly mane of thick black hair, brown eyes and a quick temper. She is confident of her abilities and considers herself more than capable of running her kingdom without a husband or even a lieutenant, although rumours have linked her romantically to Michael Agnelie, the mayor of Proudglaive.

Baroness Marlae Roesone

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