Daerin Isilviere


Male Human


Daerin Isilviere is Lord of Fairfield and heir to the County. His father, Vaesin Isilviere leaves most of the management of the county to Daerin, but maintains a watchful eye. His mother, Betrys Roesone remains active.
Daerin is a direct descendant of Derian Isilviere, a noble from Taeghas who followed Daen Roesone and financed his expedition to eastern Diemed that resulted in the birth of the Barony of Roesone. Derien was rewarded for his support with the County of Fairfield, which Daerin now rules under the careful eye of his father. Vaesin Isilviere, Daerin’s father, was the lead general of Roesone’s armies during the war against Ghoere, but he has retired and left the reins of rulership to his young son.
Daerin was blessed by the gods to inherit his father’s Battlewise ability, but he has yet to show any interest in the art of warfare.

Daerin Isilviere

Birthright Earthenhammer Earthenhammer