Shard of Righting


Aura moderate conjuration; CL 8th
Slot neck; Weight -
This small almost teardrop shaped shard of smoky quartz, tied to a small leather thong, allows the wearer to cast a small number of spells, using the spell trigger activation method.
This amulet holds a maximum of ten charges, and each spell cast from the item uses one or more charges. When the shard of righting runs out of charges it cannot be used until it is recharged. These charges can be renewed in one of two ways. Once per week at dawn, it can be fully restored by bathing the amulet in the full light of sunrise (as the sun rises over the horizon, taking one hour). Actual sunlight is necessary to power the ritual, so it must be at least partially sunny, outdoors and above ground for this to occur. The second method is similar to that of recharging a staff, a spellcaster can imbue the amulet with power, returning 1 charge to the staff by expending one 3rd level spell slot while that character is preparing their spells for the day. The spellcaster must be capable of casting at least one of the spells that the shard of righting can bestow, and the spell or spell slot is used for the day just as if recharging a staff.

cure serious wounds (1 charge)
lesser restoration (1 charge)
remove blindness/deafness (2 charges)
remove disease (3 charges)


Shard of Righting

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