Notes on Alternate Sizes, Part II
At the Market

Cerilia isn’t the most cosmopolitan of lands (as far as races are concerned), and pretty much anything that isn’t dwarf, elf, halfling, half-elf or human is a monster. You’ll notice that nothing on that list is of the large size category, so things sized for large or bigger creatures (or technically tiny or smaller as well) doesn’t sell well since almost nobody can make use of it. Any gear or equipment not of medium or small size only sells for 40% of its market value to represent sellers having to find collectors or other specialized buyers or magically resize it themselves (see part I).

This isn’t me trying to screw you out of wealth, the vast majority of loot dropping enemies will be medium sized. It just kinda breaks verisimilitude for me when things like that happen.

Notes on Alternate Sizes, Part I
Magic Resizing

I’m fairly certain I’ve mentioned this before, and alluded to it last session (that Mike’s character practically had to reach down to his knees to grab a bead off the necklace of fireballs), that I’m not a fan of items magically resizing themselves. So they don’t.

There are however methods to change their size magically. Essentially, an enchanter can put the magic item through a brief recreation, fulfilling any of the prerequisites of the original enchantments (proper item creation feat, spells, etc.). In addition, the is an additional (non-bypass-able) spell prerequisite of any spell that modifies the size or effective size of an item (such as shrink item, gravity bow or SHILLELAGH [’cause even in writing you have to scream it]). This process takes half time it would take to make the original enchantments and costs one tenth of the items market value (and thus cost 20% of market value to have an NPC do it for you), and the “re-enchanting” can change it to any size bigger or smaller that you want it to end up as.

Loot from the Dragonkin Caves

Not including the necklace of fireballs that’s already been identified (and used), this is the list of remaining valuable stuff you pull of the bodies of the dragonkin. Those in the first set (marked with an *) are all magical, and everything is, of course, sized for large creatures.

*a slender stick of carved birch
*a necklace of brass, with three beads threaded through it (this looks similar to the necklace of fireballs you’ve already identified)
*three green scaled cloaks
*a scarlet scaled cloak
*two blue scaled cloaks
*roll of parchment with strange writings
*a greatsword crafted of some strange bronze like material
*a breastplate suit with dozens of dragon symbols
*three small vials

a massive, expertly crafted composite longbow with 20 equally enormous arrows
2 masterwork longspears
3 masterwork spears
two hard pulled composite shortbows with 36 arrows
four suits of studded leather armor

assembled coin totalling
118 pp
856 gp
393 sp
313 cp

and 6 small carved jade dragons

More Details From the Dark Temple

So, a couple of things…

I was mistaken on the statue, this one was somewhat recognizable. For those of you with at least 1 rank in either Knowledge (religion) or Knowledge (history), you know it to be a statue of Anduiras, the ancient and fallen god of the Andu (the precursors to the Anuirean peoples). This seemed to be some kind of inner sanctum to a temple (once dedicated to Anduiras, though obviously no longer), but the stonework of the portal ring seemed relatively new and of a different architectural style. Then beneath the trappings of the Cold Rider covering the altar, there was a particular symbol that remained while the rest of the Anduiras iconography had been defaced.



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